How do you get water out of a cell phone touch screen?

How do you get water out of a cell phone touch screen?

the water should eventually evaporate, just take out the battery and let it dry a day or two

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Stick it in a bag of rice overnight, that way the rice absorbs the water out.

You could take it apart and let it dry for a few hours in a warm dry place. The problem is that often times when a phone gets wet it will fail, if not right away, some time after. If the problem is not to bad you can sometimes leave the phone in a bag of rice for a day or two and it may wick the moisture out of your phone. If it is really wet this will not work and the most important thing is to not turn your phone on until the water is removed, this is when the damage will occur, wet and electric do not mix.

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You should try Silica Gel Packets to dry out your phone. There was a good article on associatedcontent.com that explains how to dry a wet cell phone, iPods, or any electronics. You need to take the battery out of your phone and place your cell phone and battery in a zip lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel will remove all the moisture from the phone and its components, something air drying will not do!

I did this after my husband's phone went through the wash and it worked like a charm.

Just Google "Silica Gel Packets" and you will find several companies selling these products. There is also a web site called: http://www.SilicaGelPackets.com that has them.

I ACCIDENTLY left my phone in my jacket pocket and without knowing, I washed the jacket and the phone. I pulled the phone out of the washer and I blow dryed it (it wasn't that wet to begin with) and everything checks out ok but the screen has water on the inside and the touch screen isn't working.

How do I get the water out of my phone screen? and will the touch screen work after it dries??

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